Selected Exhibition History / Biograph

2015 "Nouvelles observations sur les abeilles" Varvara Bracho Projects, Honfleur, France

2015 "Only 2.5 HRS from GWB", Orphic Gallery, Roxbury, NY (currated by Pia Dehne)
2015 "summer show", Sixty-One Main Gallery, Andes, NY
2014 "Pont des amours", Varvara Bracho Projects, Honfleur, France
2013 "Sacred Vision, Separate Views: Contemporary Perspectives in Buddhist Art, Tibet House, NY
2012 "Gilded", Gold Gallery, Boston, MA
2012 "James Walton Fox : Recent Paintings and Works on Paper" 61 Main Gallery, Andes,  NY
2011 “Primo Centro” Trentenale di Merigar, Arcidosso, Italy, (curated by Alessandra Bonomo)
2011 “How Soon Is Now ?” (w/Sonam Dolma Brauen), Tria Gallery, New York, NY 

2011 “James Walton Fox”, Sixty-One Main Gallery, Andes, NY

2010 “The Radiance”, Poets House, Manhattan, NY (solo)
2010 "Changeless Nature", Martin-Mullin Gallery, State University of New York, Oneonta, NY
2010 "James Walton Fox", Sixty One Main Gallery, Andes, NY,
2009 "James Walton Fox", Sixty One Main Gallery, Andes, NY
2008 "Eros", Treadwell Museum of Fine Art, Treadwell, NY
2007 "Disasters of War",Treadwell Museum of Fine Art, Treadwell, NY


Born: Summit, New Jersey, January 17, 1969.

BFA (poetry and painting) Hobart College, Geneva, NY, 1991, studies under painters Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, John Loftus, poets James Crenner, Andrew Harvey and historian Jo Anna Isaak.

Naropa University 1999-2000
Studies caligraphy, iconography, philosophy poetry, meditation, and tibetan language under Dzogchen Ponlop, Sarah Harding, and Cynthia Moku at only acredited buddhist university in US.


Lives and works in Brooklyn and Manhattan; joins Artburo collective, founded by Job Koelewijn and Christophe Draeger. After a visit to India in 1997 Develops interest in Vajrayana Buddhism; enrolls in MFA at Naropa University, Boulder, CO (a program aimed at the integration of meditation, drawing, painting, poetry and social engagement.) Studies under thanka painter Cynthia Moku and reincarnate calligraphy and meditation master Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. Travels in India, Europe and South America.


Studio in Los Gatos, CA. joins Vajrayana Foundation and Dzogchen Community. Visits Venezuela, Italy, Netherlands, Spain. Lives and works in Barcelona 2004-5. First collection of poems “The Circular Zoo” published in NY. In 2006, Constructs studios in Trout Creek, NY. Exhibits in Treadwell, Andes, Oneonta, and Manhatan, NY. Publishes “Twenty-One Spells and One Dead Grouse”, a book of poems.


Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn (again). First solo exhibition at Poets House, NY, 2010; finalist for John Jay College of Criminal Justice commission selected by Jennifer McGregor (it was awarded to Alfredo Jaar). Exhibits at Tria Gallery, NY; selected for 2011 Trentenalle di Merigar (currated by Alessandra Bonomo); and “Sacred Vision” (2012-13) by Tibet House NYC. Lives and works in Paris, France and the Catskills from beginning of 2013. Studio in Pantin.